Motherboard/USB port issue

By ChadR1121
May 21, 2010
  1. Hello all, I'm new to the forums and just an hour ago had an issue with plugging my speakers into the front USB port (2 front 4 back). Proceeded to see my current programs slow up as if to recognize the device then lost connection to all of my devices plugged in.I I'm currently on a D945GnT Intel Motherboard. This motherboard has been discontinued for quite some time. I've restarted my computer a handful of times and the problem isn't that it doesn' recognize the drivers or the hardware itself, but that it doesn't know I am plugging something into it. Is it possible to have fried the USB portion of the motherboard by overloading it or something? (Had 3 plugged in in back and none up front). If so, what specifications am I needing to replace this motherboard with another one, being this model is currently discontinued. Thank you all, this is driving me insane.
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    I was able to get it up and running with a power down tip. Flipped my power switch in the back and left it off for 30minutes. Turned it on and the keyboard lit up, then plugged an older mouse-ball mouse in to let it detect drivers, unplugged, and plugged my newer Logitech G9x back in. Everything is up and functional again. Thank you though Lookaround!!!
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