Motherboards and compatible processors

By dehumanization
Nov 29, 2004
  1. Hi
    Basically, I want to get a faster processor for xmas, so my big question is.. how do I know what processor is compatible with my motherboard (I really don't want to buy a new one if possible)
    I know my motherboard has to be able to support a faster processor but how do I find this out?
    All I really Know is that I have an AMD Athlon XP (I think) 1.2GHz processor. I dont have a clue what motherboard I have, which leads to another question.. how do I find that out?

    Thanks :grinthumb
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  3. dehumanization

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    Thanks a lot for that. I found out the make and model of my motherboard and on the site I found this information:

    Processor Support: Socket A, currently 550 MHz - 1.4+ GHz
    Compatible with AMD Duron/Thunderbird series
    200 - 266 MHz Processor Bus Compatible

    Chipset: SIS 735S DDR Single Chip Controller

    Bus Speeds: 100 - 166 MHz in 33 MHz Increments
    (200 - 333 MHz effective rate)

    SO what does this information tell me about what processor I can have (sorry, I don't really understand it)
    Does it mean it only supports up to 1.4Ghz processor?
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    I guess that didn't give you your motherboard brand or model number like I was hoping for. What you can do is open up your case, and your motherboard will have written on it somewhere what brand it is, and likely its model number.

    Perhaps you can google for that chipset and see if that has any relation to what the fastest processor you can support is... I'm not positive if it works like that or not.
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