Motorola Atrix HD 4G LTE Android Smartphone Review

By Julio Franco
Jul 25, 2012
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  1. Arris

    Arris TS Evangelist Posts: 4,875   +200

    "The Motorola Atrix HD may not be the absolute best performer, and definitely has its quirks, but for someone looking for a smartphone in the $100 price range, it's pretty tough to beat."

    Makes it sound like the phone itself can be bought for $100. I'm going to assume (through lack of other detail) that its the supplementary price paid with an AT&T contract of X amount per month. The actual cost to buy the phone sim free is obviously going to be more than $100.
  2. Ultraman1966

    Ultraman1966 TS Rookie Posts: 84   +6

    I guess we'll be getting a MAXX edition in 3 months?... No point having a big screen without the battery power to keep going it!
  3. On my last att upgrade two years ago I got a 3G Motorola Filpside. Old OS,3inch screen, 4 buttons and huge toggle on front,any enlargement of picture and you get lost in a sea of little boxes,tons of preloaded apps,youtube only works 1/4 of the time,old processor is s-l-o-w,and battery .run out fast. I love my phone. Atrix hd will be a indy car
    instead of a vw bug. Can't wait till august 18th for upgrade. For $99 you get the phone and the car dock from att or just the phone for $49. Hands down best deal. I don't do slide presentations. I'm Just an average Joe user
  4. This is the worst phone I have ever had. I had my phone (which was a droid) before this one for 3 years. I had my Atrix for 4 months before it broke. The head phone jack randomly would work and then decide not to work. It was very inconsistent and I tried my headphones on my ipod and other phones to make sure it wasnt the headphones fault, and it wasnt. The media volume would also randomly go mute. I would go into settings and volume to change it and it still wouldnt work. They only way to make it work again would be to turn it off wait 1 hour and turn it back on again. Apps were very glitchy on this phone and would often freeze and then start up agian only to freeze 3 mintues later. When I would play music out of the speaker, it would randomly make this loud annoying noise during the middle of songs or just stop it. Also the battery life is crap. I would use it for 1 hour and it would go dead. I wouldnt use it at all and it would be dead. The alarms were very inconsistent too. One day it would go off, the next it wouldnt and like most people I dont have the time to waste on a faulty alarm making me late. I am very good at taking care of my phones and rarely drop them. I drop this phone once from 3 feet up on to carpet and it shattered! Once it shattered the camera stopped working on the front and the back. Also 2 months in, it would randomly freeze and turn off. Then yesterday it froze and turned off, so I waited about 1 hour and tried to turn it back on. But it wouldnt turn back on. So pretty much, this is a piece of crap phone that shatters like it is its job and just sucks all around. I am never buying from Motorala again because they obviously dont care about the product that they
    release to the public.
  5. You must have gotten a phone that suffered water damage or some other sort of electrical damage before you received it. I've had the Atrix HD for almost a year now and it has been flawless. The camera could be better, but that is my only complaint. Also, I don't use a case or a screen protector and the phone has been dropped on concrete and asphalt several times with hardly a mark. For $99 I feel I got a great deal.

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