Mouse Pointer Screenwrap?

By Jaguarist
Feb 2, 2004
  1. In all the MS OS's that have come along, you could edit the reg file and have mouse screenwrap enabled. All of them, up until WindowsXP came along, that is.... I sort of got used to having the pointer appear on the other side of the screen if I took it to the extreme edge of either side.... It's a lazy trait, I admitt, but one that I like. I use a trackball, and it's nice to not have to roll the pointer all the way back across the screen when the time comes.... You just keep going, like move the pointer all the way to the right, and when it reaches the edge of the screen, you keep rolling right, and the pointer shows up at the left side.

    But, with all the searches I've done, both in my personal notes, and on the web, I find nothing for XP.

    Ideas anyone??
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  3. Jaguarist

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    Thank you for your suggestion!! I'll check it out, and report back.
  4. Jaguarist

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    It has come to my attention that I probably crossposted this subject. If I did, I do appoligize, because I certainly know better. It was a VERY long day for me yesterday..

    Not an excuse, just an explaination. Won't happen again! :)
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