Mp3 to Cda ... how to eliminate blank between two tracks

By abanerji
Feb 20, 2009
  1. I use Nero version 6 (OS : XP-pro SP2) to convert mp3 to cda. Generally, it's quite ok. However, some mp3 pieces in cda form, contains vast blank, e.g., say the mp3 number is 6 minutes, and in cda form it plays full for six minutes and then runs blank for several minutes, before the next track starts.

    How to correct these gaps during the burn?

    I did search for my issue, but all I came up with was about "two seconds gap" between numbers. I understand Nero can eliminate this small gap.
    My burnt CDA has several minutes of gap (and not the normal two seconds). This doesn't happen always. So, wondering if it has got to do something with the mp3 quality of particular pieces?

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