MSI DKA790GX Platinum

By pisthai
Jan 16, 2010
  1. I use a MSI DKA790GX Platinum MB with 4 GB 1066 OCZ Dual Channel Memory, the CPU is AMD Athlon X2 6000+ (ADX6000CZ)

    Now the problem is that with default settings the Memory run at 750 MHz only.

    Regarding the MB's manual there no any limitation and regarding MSI's web site even the OCZ memory I use is fully supported at a speed of 1066.

    Complaining to MSI's Service in Thailand and via e-mail to MSI Taiwan I was getting the following infos:
    An other messages, received via the MSI Service Thailand, I got the following Info:
    First question: is there any way to solve that problems? (I suppose: NONE)
    Second question: could MSI held be responsible for false, not to say fraudulent information delivered with them products?

    I looking for serious answers only. Thanks.
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