MSI k8tm problems, it wont start

By Scramjet
Jan 23, 2006
  1. I was using my computer Athlon 64 3200+, 512 mb ddr, TNT2 AGP video card, 20GB Seagate HD, MSI K8TM mb, everything was ok, but suddenly it turned off, and the start led was blinking, i saw the MB manual and i discovered it was an energy problem, as the instructions said, i disconnected the power cable waited for around 5 minutes and turn on again, it worked fine but suddenly, again it turned off, but this time forever.

    When i connect this nothing happens, not even the net led behind the computer turns on, and i have disconnected the 450W Power Supply, and jointed the green and black cables to make it work and tested with my voltimeter and all the voltages in all the cables are ok, but the pc wont start, when i disconnect the power cable the computer makes a hizing noise, something like anything was charged when connceted and discharge when disconnect it, i dont know what to do, i need very much the computer.

    Maybe, if i try to jump the green cable with a black cable in the power supply and just turning on the power supply, it ay receive voltage, and it jumps the low voltage switch that maybe something in this section of the MB doesnt works.

    Can you give me an opinion, thanks
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