Mushkin Enchanced Chronos & Chronos Deluxe

By baN893
Dec 24, 2011
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  1. I'm currently trying to decide on a SSD to buy for my new build (which you can find in these forums as well). From some basic comparing on newegg to other similar SSD's I found the Mushkin Enhanced Chronos 120GB the best deal with high performance and generally a great bang for the buck.

    Now I just saw that the deluxe version of that SSD was on sale on newegg and almost equals the price of the "normal" version. Now I'm sure they are both good SSD's but from the website or other comments I am unable to clearify what the difference is between the normal version and the deluxe version.

    Could someone clarify that for me? They have the same 90,000 IOPS, almost identical read and write speeds. So what the difference is between them that allows for an extra 80$ to be added for the Deluxe version is absolutely beyond me.

    Merry X-Mas


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