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By Miyasashi
Jun 4, 2015
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  1. Dear Techspot-users,

    Currently I own a music collection of 359 artists but haven't gotten the time to keep my collection up-to-date and typing in band names in Google to find new releases seems like a time consuming job considering it's 359 artists :"")

    Is there any software out there that you can tell to scan a certain location and it will tell you what albums are missing or even songs for that matter?

    I was looking at Musicbee but not 100% sure if it has that feature.
  2. jobeard

    jobeard TS Ambassador Posts: 9,330   +622

    Happens naturally in iTunes. After changing PCs a few times and moving the collection to the wife's new iMac,
    it is a common occurrence. Going to a playlist, the icon is greyed and clicking on it prompts to locate the original source.

    Once upon a time, I let iTunes read the originals and not copy into its library -- fine until you need to move or relocate.
    I have since developed a RAW_Media folder for downloads and/or CD imports and let iTunes import to its library.
    The RAW_Media can then be backed up or exported to another system for iTunes import.

    hmm; One can search the iTunes Store,
    but I've never seen any means to "tell me all new albums by the (artist/band/group) XYZ".

    Searching your own collection within iTunes by title, artist, composer is neat, but clearly restricted to your existing collection.
    iTunes will acquire album covers if you elect that option.

  3. That's pretty much what Musicbee/Mediamonkey can do I believe(with or without addons) even so it would be great if you could scan artists folders and see what's missing.

    Unfortunately I didn't add tags for release year in the folder names which makes it significantly more difficult to scatter through.

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