MWP Problem

By Newrad2376
Dec 17, 2005
  1. Im sorry if this isn't suppose to go here. I just dont know where to put it. But let me get to my problem. Something is wrong wit hmy Windows Media Player. I open it and the tab opens on the taskbar but it wont show on my desktop. And when I right click and press minimize to see where it is so i can try to drag it back.. It minimizes from the roght side of my screen. When I restore it it goes back to the right side. But there is no possible way to drag it onto the desktop because none of it is visible when its maximzed or restored. I couldnt find the uninstall files for it.. I looked in al the folders I could think of and there was nothing about uninstallation. And these problems were on WMP9. since icouldnt find the uninstall i thought maybe upgrading would work. So I got WMP10 and I got the same problem. If anyone has any ideas please tell me.. For not I have to use Realplayer.....And.. Yeah...I just dont like it. Im just not use to it. THanks to all the read and reply later :dead: :dead:
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