My CELLPHONE has a dead pixel!

Jan 6, 2005
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  1. I always assumed dead pixels were reserved for elcheapo TFT's and laptops - the kind you get for E200 and E899 in Aldi respectively.

    My new E650 cellphone has a dead pixel - it'll be right for blue and white, but appears as bright red for anything else. I've got a red operator logo, so its not as obvious, and Nokias Symbian Series 60 uses a blue GUI, so its not wildly noticable.

    Nokias dead pixel warranty is from the days of big clunky phones with black-on-light-green displays, so its ten pixels before they replace the screen. Argh.
  2. corrie206

    corrie206 TS Rookie

    Can't suggest anything except maybe try to "break" another 9 pixels. Sorry MYOB.
    On the subject of cellphones, I am having either a driver conflict or hardware conflict with my SONY P910i docking station, now I've been to the SONY forums and searched everywhere, and all advice I can get is to reinstall Windows and the software, but I have done that in al differnt kind of ways, (first Windows,reboot, then SONY software, reboot, then Windows again... bla bla bla) My work machine is a Windows2000 OS, P4 524MB RAM, the docking station plugs into USB port, and any help, or links to threads would help. Also downloaded the newest software for dockingstation, and Win2000 is updated.

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