My computer freezes whenever i plug in any USB devices

By miklagio
Jul 2, 2006
  1. striker16

    striker16 TS Rookie

    did the usb version of ur device match the version of mother board usb?

    what usb version attach to ur mother board? is it 1.0? or 2.0? etc.
    what is the version recomended for the usb device that u want to use?

    kindly match the version.

    note: If I'm wrong about it, plz don't be mad at me.
    Just correct me if I'm wrong! ok! :eek:
  2. miklagio

    miklagio TS Rookie Topic Starter

    it was all working before and then i installed fruity loops and guitar pro 5 and it stopped working (and started freezing)

    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>why would i be mad?
  3. striker16

    striker16 TS Rookie

    if I posted wrong reply. :blush:
    anyway nevermind it!

    did you try to uninstalled those 2 software?

    if so and the problem goes away, then there software have problem or it cause of bad intallation software. btw did you try to go to there official forum?

    I'm not sure though... but, I think those to program cause this. as you said the freezing thing appear after you installed that 2 right? so I suggest you go to there official forum or just wait for others reply I'm sure there so many skilled technician here. :)

    cheer up!!! :wave:
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