My computer keeps crashing and then blue screen appears. I have no idea why.

  1. Well i'm not very good at explaining but i have reached a very desperate point now since it happens almost every day. My computer will be doing ok and then suddenly it will freeze, crash and then a blue screen will appear and nothing i do seems to get rid of it. I've tried scanning my computer for viruses with Norton 360 and McAfee Security Scan Plus but it says everything is fine. It doesn't happen when i go on the internet, it just happens when i go on applications like games. I have done all the right updates too. :S It is very frustrating and confusing. Does my computer lack memory or space? Any suggestions will be appreciated.
  2. Route44

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    Do you have both Norton 360 and McAfee Security Scan Plus installed and working in real time protection?
  3. evokewhale

    evokewhale TS Rookie

    how much ram do u have installed? i have 4 gig, 2x 2 gig sticks and alls i know is i had a similar problem but i opened up my case and took one of the ram sticks out running on 2 gig ram and no crashes. So u can try that ?
  4. Pleasemakesence

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    yes both are working correctly but i don't think it's a virus causing it. And i might sound stupid saying this but how do i check how much RAM i have? Thanks for the suggestions too ^^ If it helps i have windows vista?
  5. Route44

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    Here is the rule on security software running in real time protection: ONE antivirus, ONE Antispyware/Malware, ONE firewall OR ONE Security Suit.

    Otherwise they will conflict causing system issues and crashes. Between the two get rid of McAfee because it has very poor ratings. Make sure you use their special uninstall tool to make sure all drivers are removed.

    Once done, how is your system running?
  6. Pleasemakesence

    Pleasemakesence TS Rookie Topic Starter

    ok i deleted the McAfee Security Scan plus but i still get the freezing and crashes. It only happens on this one game i go on though so maybe it is a completely different issue here? =S I've done all the latest updates including the optional ones and i do have the latest drivers so i'm pretty sure there is nothing else i can try. :/ I don't know how to check my BIOS/motherboard and i'm not so sure about installing anything else. Oh and also i don't think it is a blue screen error, i think I probably mistook it because the screen doesn't just go blue it goes all sorts of colours (and it doesn't show any sort of code). I probably sound really silly now but i really have no idea about computers at all. :S I think I better just give up on it for now. Thanks for your time anyway.
  7. Route44

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    Does the screen have these colors at any other time besides this game?
  8. Pleasemakesence

    Pleasemakesence TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Ok i'm back again finally and it's still happening. However I was wrong before, it's not just that one game I go on, it's EVERY game I go on. :/ The Sims 3 for example recently, I played it for a bit and then, to my suprise (cough cough), the screen freezes once again, the sound plays on a loops for a while and then the whole screen just turns a solid colour, it must have done every colour possible now and it's been annoying me for ages. I gave up playing on any games for a while a couple of months ago but I've tried it again at the start of this month and it's the same old thing. I'm starting to think it might be my processor that is too old maybe? It says it is a AMD Phenom(tm) 9550 Quad-Core Processor 2.20 GHz.
    Does that mean much really? I've tried updating my Graphics and sound card but they are already up to date, or so my computer tells me. If you have any more suggestions that you are willing to give me i'd be happy to hear them. =) Thanks for all the help so far, it's good to see some people do try and help when they can. ^^
  9. Route44

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    When you say "updated" do you mean drivers or brand new cards?
  10. Pleasemakesence

    Pleasemakesence TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I'm refering to the drivers, I've tried going on Device Manager in my computer properties and trying to update everything like my sound and video drivers but nothing I do seems to work. :S I don't have the money to buy any cards or any other equipment and I have no idea what I'm going when I'm told to look at motherboards, etc. :/ I wonder if it's compatibility issues? :confused:
  11. g3rsiu

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    check hardware

    First make sure its not HDD or RAM related - you can use bootable cd with tools to test or at lest try to check your hdd with windlg

    it can test / repair(as mark as unusable) some hdd problems.

    if it hangs at a specific sector number for a long time its a hint there is a problem there.

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