My computer keeps crashing!

By cschmid7
Nov 22, 2010
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  1. Hey,
    I got a new computer (Acer AX3400-E2202) with Windows 7 back in August ('10). Recently, after attempting to download something on the internet my computer I think became infected with a 'redirect virus'? Every time I went to Google and searched something, I would get redirected to a page I didn't want. I tried restoring my computer to its original factory settings but now it crashes every so often and the blue screen comes up. Now when I attempt to restart it, it won't even restart properly and just turns off again. when I go to restart it a message about Windows recovery error on a black screen pops up. Sometimes I can get it to the normal desktop but after a while (I try to play Sims 3) it crashes again and the whole cycle goes over again of it not being able to start up. Any help would be very appreciated!!

    here's what the message said this time when my computer crashed unexpectedly:

    and if i try to restart it in safe mode, a beep sounds and it just shutdowns and gets caught in a loop of restarting and shutting down unexpectedly, restarting and shutting down unexpectedly..
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