My computer monitor went black

By Cypher02
Jul 28, 2012
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  1. I've had my computer and monitor for about 3 years. My monitor is a 25" Hannspree HF257. I have never had any complaints with it till now. My daughter was on it yesterday and she said it would flicker black then just black out. She shut down the monitor and turned it back on and it seemed to fix the problem. It kept doing that for a while and increasing in frequency every time she did it so she got fed up with it and just shut the whole computer off. I went on it today and the monitor would not even come to the main screen. The power light turned on but when I would shut it off I could hear a high frequency noise like electric current running to the back of it. The noise would quit when I turned the monitor back on but it remained black. I tried unplugging everything and cleaned all the plugs and connections still no go. I tried hooking up my old monitor and it works fine even with the same cords. Is my Hannspree monitor shot or is there something I can do to reboot it or get it to work again?​
  2. xcylent

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    From the information you've provided, my first guess would be that your monitor is shot.
    you could try using a different (but still compatible) power cable for the monitor, but I doubt that'd do anything.
    I also doubt it's your GPU playing up, because as you mentioned, It works fine with a different monitor.
    you may want to look into getting a new monitor.
  3. DELL-Zohaib R

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    Hi Cypher02,

    I have read your post and I suspect there is a problem with the monitor as another monitor is working fine with your computer. Check the warranty status of your monitor and contact the manufacturer support. Else the next suggested action would be contacting a local technician to see if it can be repaired.

    Thanks & Regards
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