My computer takes up to 5 minutes to POST!

By hypermikem
Mar 5, 2003
  1. bman2005

    bman2005 TS Rookie Posts: 21

    JuniorHP - So what was your fix? I am having the same issues as noted above. I have tried everything noted (just about) (I am going to check the jumper seats and then flash the bios is needed).

    It hangs before post for 2 minutes - cold or hot. All ram has been checked, moved and tested. All cables and cards have been pulled, cleaned and re seated.

    Off to the jumpers, CPU and bios..

    If any one else has ideas - let me know.

    For what its worth
    amd 1800
    2 x 256 ram 2100
    soyo kt-333 plat. ultra
    Radeon AIW 9600
    SB Plat II zs

    Thanks in advance!
  2. JuniorHP

    JuniorHP TS Rookie

    I went into digging, found that my CD-ROM had a separate 'fast' IDE cable connected to it(i.e.: Secondary Master), I decided lets just check if it will help replacing it with slow IDE(the one with the thicker wires) cable. After replacing the cable and rebooting I could almost not see POST screen anymore, the way I like it.

    I don't know if this will be your sulotion as well, but it sure fixed all my time related problems.

    Good Luck
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