My graphics card is acting weird

By flanman
Jul 8, 2008
  1. Hey I think there is something wrong with my card. I can't watch videos but video games work just fine, this started yesterday. Whenever I try to watch a movie i just get a blank screen, but sound works and it plays for about a minute, after that my computer lags a lot. I've tried all kinds of players, i've used Windows Media Player, VLC, Core Media Player, and i get the same result. This is getting really frustrating someone please help! Did i destroy my card? I have an ATI Radeon X700
  2. fullmetalvegan

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  3. flanman

    flanman TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I installed the codecs, but I'm still getting the blank screen, thanks though.
  4. Tha General

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    Whats a radeon X700?

    Anyways, just change drivers. I know i have trouble watching windows media videos online because i am using Nvidia forceware 175.80, but i keep them, because they run games perfectly. So just change your drivers.
  5. sostboat

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    usually the problem in such cases is codecs. if you are still able to play games then your display card is still ok coz games require more accelearation from the vga card.

    what excatly happens when your cmputer starts laggin please explain. the problem could be something else!!!
  6. flanman

    flanman TS Rookie Topic Starter

    well i tried changing my drivers and still no video.

    The last time I tried watching something which was a few minutes ago the player froze, i couldn't click on anything like the play button or the pause button, then the video started playing(still no video) just sound and I waited a few seconds then my computer goes to this blue screen and it said something about an "infinite loop" and my ati driver so I manually restarted my computer. This never happen before because I just did alt+ctrl delete when the player froze.

    someone help me fix this please.
  7. Tha General

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  8. nickc

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    sounds like u're video card is over heating, and may be failing.
  9. Rage_3K_Moiz

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    Your video card is failing and needs to be replaced.
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