My laptop crashed while I was downloading

By Aldennis
Oct 30, 2009
  1. Hi everybody.
    I have a problem. I m young in age and I was downloading porno from limewire. While I was doing that my laptop crashed. It s not that I a virus or sth cause I had problems with my computer for a long time. But my question is that if my mon, who knows about computers, finaly make it and start my pc, will she see that I had limewire downloading porno? About the pc, it says that it was not properly shut down so it makes an efford to recover and then it crashes and starts all over again. Please, please please answer cause I ll go nuts.
    Thank you!
  2. Ididmyc600

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    oh dear you are in a mess arent you.?

    if your pc savvy mum gets the pc going, limewire will start only if set to start when the pc logs on to a desktop, if it doesnt you should be safe...

    If it does then its time to come clean with your mum and admit to what you were doing, i dont know your mum but if you need to download porn at an early age then your mum needs to do some explaining so you dont get the wrong idea about sex...

    If you happen to have the XP disk to hand you could try booting from it and choosing to do a repair, this happens when the profile is corrupted and cant load.

    Good luck and stop downloading porn, you can do all that later in life, for now go outside and play hide and seek like most kids.
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