My PC keeps turning off!! HELP!

By moynul
Jul 28, 2007
  1. Hi everyone. My first time here.

    I just need help with my PC. I have a Dell Dimesion 8400. It was working fine untill a few weeks ago when it keeps turning off. I log on and everything and the all these warning messages pop up and it restarts.

    At the moment I am logged in on safe mode with networking. But its really annoying coz i cant use msn or listen to music. Sometimes it works fine but that is very rare.

    First I thought it was one of the fans in the PC, but there both spinning. I even vacumed the inside of the computer but no luck!!!

    Someone please help!!
  2. rush_mee

    rush_mee TS Rookie

  3. moynul

    moynul TS Rookie Topic Starter

  4. rush_mee

    rush_mee TS Rookie

    Why dont you try repairing windows with the xp disc? run a chkdsk /r and see if it helps..should do the job.
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