My PC, turns off for 3 seconds after turning on then turns back on

By King1106
Nov 25, 2010
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  1. Seems I have the same issues as "someonedying" had,

    here's my spec.

    CPU - Intel Core i5 760 - LGA1156
    MoBo - ASUSTeK P7P55D-E LX
    RAM - 2pcs of Corsair Dual-Channel DDR3 2GB
    VidCard - NVIDIA GeForce GTX 470
    PSU - Fortron/FSP Everest 80Plus 800

    when I turn my computer on, all the lights, the fans together with the MoBo lights turns on for 1 second, then it turns off for 3-4 seconds then turns on again until the OS loads..

    when I restart my computer, this doesn't happen anymore.. It only occur when I completely turn the computer and UPS off..

    I bought this system a month ago. I have to option to bring this to the shop where I bought it but I want to know what the possible issues are.. Most of computer shops here in our country replaces some parts w/o the owner's knowledge.. >.<

    Please help.. Thanks =)
  2. Route44

    Route44 TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 11,961   +69

    Seriously, I'd take this back to the shop and have them fix this at their expense. I would also take note of the parts you have now and compare them when it is returned.

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