My Vista File Hell...

By Nukey
Apr 18, 2008
  1. Hey :)

    Thought I'd have a bit of a rant. Yesterday I managed to lose 2TB of music archives (don't ask hehe), 4 years worth of photos and all my personal documents, possibly because of a bug in Vista.

    Basically yesterday I was backing up all of my stuff to my external HDDs, and had them allplugged in at once. So moving everything across I was getting ready to wipe the machine and re-format it so I had a clean OS.

    Anyway, everything finished copying and I didnt think much of it. Deleted the documents off the computer, and proceeded to install Windows Vista again for my new clean system.

    Some time after installing the new OS I decided to have a look at the HDDs - and to my horror all of the documents, music, photos, projects, you name it -- had gone! and then it dawned on me what happened after examining the files on the HDDs.

    When I was moving everything across to the HDDs it was not only moving the files but also changed the location of the Music, Pictures and Downloads folders, etc, to the external HDDs.

    Without my knowlege, Vista decided to delete all the files from the HDDs as well as the machine, when I cleared the machine. Why? because all the files in the documents folder were turned into shortcuts to my external HDDs.

    So basically once they were deleted from the machine Vista thought "ooh, I'll delete them from the HDDs too, that's where the documents folders are".

    What a pain. I was in such a state after that happened. I will have having someone look at the HDDs at some point soon, but Im not holding my breath. :(
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