Nearly fried my 5870 :(

By Ollie30001
May 1, 2010
  1. Hi, i almost killed it, i cant believe it.

    I was replacing a failed hard drive and didnt check the sata cable like i always do and of course it was wedged in the cards fan stopping it completly.

    Only knew something was up when my monitor went black 3 times during windows installation, so i opend up the pc again to the smell of something cooking, touched the graphics card and actually got 3 blisters on 3 knuckels.

    Anyway its still alive but idle temps are now 45-50c when they used to be 35-40c, and load temps are 80-90c when they used to be 65-70c

    I THINK all i have done is cooked the thermal compund beyond use, would you agree? what should i use as a replacement?
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