Need a software which converts DVD to iPod

By Quickshot
Dec 26, 2007
  1. Well, hello everyone ^^

    Like the title said, I need some kind of software which will let me convert DVDs to my iPod (80Gb). Can you help me ? I don't mind if it's a freeware or if I'll have to pay for it. I know about some good softwares but these don't allow me to do some "advanced" editing (even if I'm a newb). What I mean is that I want to crop (I think that's the correct term) the videos in order to remove the black bars in the top and bottom of the screen. I'll also like a software which gives me good quality for my videos ^^

    Here's a little summary of all the features I would like to have in the software :

    -It should be able to convert a DVD into iPod format (mp4 and H264)
    -It should be able to convert into a high quality (space is not a problem)
    -it should be able to crop the videos (or let me do it)
    -It can be freeware of paid software

    PS :Sorry if there was already a post like this, I searched the forum but couldn't find one like this.
  2. ininjaudead

    ininjaudead TS Rookie

    I use Xilisoft DVD to iPod Converter. It works very well.
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