Need Crash course about RAM

By Sloth52mn
Jun 20, 2007
  1. i have a AMD Sempron Processor 3300+ and a Diamond Stealth S120 - ATI Radeon 9550 256mb and i want more ram to run faster so can any one help me figure out what i need and one that is cheap?
  2. nickc

    nickc TechSpot Paladin Posts: 923   +11

    if u go read the manual that came with the motherboard it will tell u, and no one can tell u without knowing the MB.
  3. kpo6969

    kpo6969 TS Maniac Posts: 710

    Go here:

    They will scan your system, tell you what ram you have, what slots you have, etc. What they have and what upgrades you can do, if any.
  4. Sloth52mn

    Sloth52mn TS Rookie Topic Starter

    thanks i will do that
  5. thebaronjocelin

    thebaronjocelin TS Enthusiast Posts: 158

    With that system, I really don't see the point.
  6. kpo6969

    kpo6969 TS Maniac Posts: 710

    How can you say that when you don't even know how much ram the OP has?
  7. thebaronjocelin

    thebaronjocelin TS Enthusiast Posts: 158

    I'm sorry for the rudeness of my first post. My question is:
    Why would you put more RAM in a system with a Radeon 9550?

    To the original user, my suggestion is that you put your upgrading priorities elsewhere: think about a new graphics card, probably AGP8x/4x with that setup, maybe a new CPU. I'd say go ahead and bust a hump to get a new system altogether, but I know that isn't always feasible.

    If you have less than 256MB of RAM, then yes, you do need to focus on that first. Otherwise, continue upgrading other parts of your machine.
  8. kpo6969

    kpo6969 TS Maniac Posts: 710

    I didn't imply you were rude, just questioning the logic of your response.
    On a lighter note, I think the 256mb of ram figure stated is for their video card, not system ram.
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