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By PJ35
Mar 30, 2007
  1. Hi,

    Let me outline what happened, my friend has dell pc and she restarted her pc as normal and then gave this error "Missing or Corrpt NTFS.sys" and I renamed the ntfs.sys to ntfs.old and then copied from cd the file ntfs.sys and rebooted the pc but only to get the same error.

    Did chkdsk and all reported aok! Now at this point decided to take her hard drive out of the pc and piggyback it onto mine, only to get boot failure even if the sata is disabled (I am using IDE systems with sata onboard). Only will let me boot up IF and only IF I disconnect the power form her drive.

    Tried the Window XP repair to repair the XP using the instruction on this forum ( and won't allow me to repair the XP come up asking me on which partition would I like to install to and then press enter and warns me that Windows XP won't work with an existing XP installed or can cause major problem. So cancelled and said no not to proceed. Because it would be a fresh install from the beginning rather than a repair.

    My question is these, if I were to get another SATA internal drive, could I be able to piggyback her old SATA and then transfer her files across as normal as if you could with IDE? Or would RAID take over and render the 2nd drive as part of the new drive?

    2) Any imaging software you know can boot from CD and make a backup or image the hard drive to a DVD for recovery later once the hard drive been reformated?

    Reason for this is being she has sensitive files and emails she need to have and keep and backedup, without it her business is down the drain! She need the files on her hard drive!

    Any help or advice would be most appreicated.
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