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By Masterstunt1122
Oct 26, 2009
  1. When I start my compaq evo n610c it goes to the page where it shows different options like safe mode,safe mode with networking,safe mode with command prompt,last known good configuration and start windows normally.after I select one of those then the windows thing comes up where the little bar is loading then after it's done a blue screen comes up super fast then it restarts and if i try again the same thing happens,it's a I managed to see the blue screen by disabling automatic restarts on system failure and it says the unmountable boot volume ive been searching on the net and really can't get a clear response but some people say to do something with the bios but i don't know how to access computer says press f10 to enter rom based setup but I don't know if that is the bios.and if it is what do I do when I'm there to solve the problem and I don't care If I loose my data i just want my laptop to work again
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    Do you have your Windows XP Installation CD. Change your BIOS to boot with the CD. Go to the Recovery Console and do a CHKDSK /p. Hope this works.
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    You mean chkdsk /r of course
    As "p" will not fix anything at all

    And if you don't have a Windows XP setup disc, just create a boot disc from this Recovery Console ISO
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