Need help overclocking CPU

By Ranij93
Apr 8, 2008
  1. What is a good program to OverClock the CPU? i can't use Bios its locked... i got AMD 4200+ Duel 2.2 Ghz.. and how much do you think i can OverClock it ? its like 40c normal dont know how hot it is when im playing :)
  2. Whiffen

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    You can probably get it to around 2.6 GHz stable at stock voltages. This is good for a guideline, don't just jump the clock up to 2.6 and beyond right away, test it slowly in 3-5 Mhz increments and then boot up and look for signs and run tests for signs of instability. It might even get to about 3.0 GHz but I think it starts getting unstable just before that. If your getting it up to 2.6 GHz or higher make sure your temps are alright, 50c-60c for idol is getting pretty warm, above 70c or 80c you defiantly need a new way to cool your CPU. Below 60c is what your aiming for.

    Prime '95 (For testing stability)
    CPU-Z (For checking CPU info)

    I don't know of any programs to change the clock speed atm, just BIO's so I'll get back to you.

    Here is a more detailed guide as well, good luck ;D
  3. Ranij93

    Ranij93 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    thanks very much :)
  4. Whiffen

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  5. Rage_3K_Moiz

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    If you have no OC options in the BIOS, then it's not recommended to try and OC via the OS. Also, some motherboards aren't built for OCing in mind and an OC might damage or kill it.
  6. Ranij93

    Ranij93 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Ohh... i want a new mother board :( No Sli no Quadcore.. :( but dont have monney to a new... but i think im going to build my own System some time in next year.. But thanks for the help :D :)
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