Need Help Recovering My Documents Please!!!

By onetofollow
May 16, 2004
  1. i've searched out and read all the posts i could find about this problem, and none seem to be what i need, so here's my attempt to get help with my problem...

    about 2 weeks ago, i re-installed windows xp pro, unfortunatley i had no idea i was about to lose all of the "my documents" folder, which is where most all of my important files were.

    now here's the problem... i had all but given up on recovering these files, but i went ahead and installed XP on my second hard drive D: and proceeded to delete the instance of XP on my C: hard drive when i realized, MY FILES ARE STILL THERE! i am missing 8 gigs of space on my C: (when i click on C: properties), and it's all in the "my documents" folder that i cannot access, it now says "access denied" when i try to open it.

    could someone PLEASE help me out on this. i need to know how to access that folder again. i know it's all there because i started to defrag the drive and i saw all my files show up as being scanned, i just can't seem to open the folder now... i've tried everything!
  2. onetofollow

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    man, it's funny how after 2 weeks of searching i couldn't find any help on this topic. then i put a post up here, and the next place i look solves my problem. what a FREAKIN RELIEF to have my stuff back.

    for anyone else who is having this problem, microsoft has a great help article on it here, and it works perfectly.;en-us;810881&Product=winxp
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    1. :wave: Welcome To TechSpot! :wave:

    2. Happy to see you've figured it out. Stick around...maybe you can help somebody else with a problem. Research is good. ;)
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