Need help upgrading to bigger HD on Dell 8200

By dvcbwvfan
Jan 18, 2009
  1. We have a Dell Dimension 8200 Desktop that has been loyal to us and has a 40GB HD in it. I would like to swap this drive out for a bigger drive since we are almost out of space on the current one. I understand I can use a external drive instead to move some stuff over etc. or add a second drive. but would prefer to swap out the current HD for a bigger one. How do I go about ensuring XP, programs, photos, etc are moved over to the new drive?
  2. zipperman

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    How i did

    Remove present HD.Connect new (compatible to motherboard) HD
    as Master.
    Install the OS to be Drive C:
    Connect the 40 as Slave.It will not boot the OS and should be D:
    Then you can move or copy files from D: to C:
    Format the 40 for storage if C is not partitioned.
  3. dvcbwvfan

    dvcbwvfan TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks! Will I be able to just move over all the programs on the current drive such as Adobe, Roxio, Microsoft Office, etc etc., or will I need the cds of those programs to reinstall them on the new drive?
  4. zipperman

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    Anything that was installed to the Registry will need to be reinstalled.
    This includes all Hardware drivers and cd's.It's like a new computer now.
    This is only meant to retrieve things like pictures,shortcuts,mp3's etc.
    Don't accept any Windows driver installs.
    Just get your desktop full screen then go to Windows Updates.
    Just Windows,not hardware drivers.Go to their sight for their latest.
    Add your blue "system specs" to your profile.
    If your an only user be sure to avoid not being where optional.
    It's a good idea to print out my posts.
  5. brucethetech

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    the method listed above wipes out your program data and is nothing more than copying files. i would avoid doing it this way. you need a utility like norton ghost or pc clone to duplicate your old hd to the new larger one. this preserves everything on the old hard drive for the new larger hd and creates a seamless hard drive upgrade.
  6. dvcbwvfan

    dvcbwvfan TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Will an option like the Ghost program carry over my operating system, XP, to the new drive also?
  7. brucethetech

    brucethetech TS Enthusiast Posts: 229

    yes the only thing that changes is the size of your hard drive
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