Need Help with BIOS

By koverrev
Apr 11, 2010
  1. Hi

    I use my computer for recording and yesterday I was doing some violin recording and my interface which uses firewire got unplugged. I plugged it back in and all a sudden my computer does not want to recognize it. I thought it was the interface so I went to buy another one. I came home plugged the new interface in and it was not that. I thought it was the firewire cable so I went to bestbuy and bought another cable came home plugged it in and my pc sitll did not recognize it. So finally I thought maybe my firewire on the board shorted out or something so I went to best buy returned the cable for a firewire chip. I got home installed it in my pc and still not picking up either of my interfaces.

    So I thought there was some setting that disabled that from being picked up so I decided to finally re-boot my pc. After I did that It loaded up I installed all the proper drivers from a dvd that came with my pc. Once I did all that I loaded the software and drivers for my interface. I plugged it in and still nothing!

    So I thought it was a BIOS problem. I read on the internet that you could use the Reset Configuration Data and thought maybe that would hopefully do something. So I did that and now when my pc loads it says "Missing Operating System". So I got out my windows Vista restoration disk and when that loads it says No Drives Detected

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    Wow, you are just getting in deeper and deeper. It would help to have some information about your PC. Not all BIOs are the same. May we have some specs?
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