Need Help with Linksys connection problem

By Joshua R.
Aug 16, 2007
  1. I need help with connecting my linksys wmp54gs to my wrt54g router. I have had the connection established for a couple months but then i upgraded my motherboard, ram, and cpu, which intern forced my to reinstall the drivers. When I reinstalled the drivers, I was able to connect the network but not the internet. I do not have any wireless security enabled, and I turned off my anti-virus to see if that was the problem. I also tried just installing the driver and not the network monitor. I cannot ping the router at nor can I ping any sites on the internet. I also tried to set a static ip, but it only produced the same results. I did the network troubleshooter in Windows XP Pro Service Pack 2 and it said I cannot connect with the dhcp server. The server is turned on in the router. The other computers in my house can connect to the internet, one wireless, and one hardwired. I have the latest drivers and firmware installed in both the router and the adapter. Before I did the upgrade I could connect fine but the connection would be dropped and then reconnect instantly. I am now at the point where I am considering buying a new adapter. Any help is greatly appreciated, Thank You
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