Need some help finding a new CPU

By Disturbed88
Nov 22, 2010
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  1. good morning sirs, i'm looking for some advice as to a new cpu to fit in my current mobo. My current mobo is a Biostar GF8100 M2+ TE AM2+ socket, the CPU im hoping to upgrade to is a AMD Phenom II x4 945. Just want to make sure it will work as i have found conflicting info on whether it will fit my socket type.

    Link to my Mobo page:

    Ebay CPU Link:

    Thanks for any help you can provide :)
  2. raybay

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    The Biostar has an AM2 socket.
    The AMD Phenom II x4, as I recall, is AM3

    I could be wrong as I am on the road and have no information in front of me.
  3. dustin_ds3000

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  4. Disturbed88

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    thanks heaps for the replies guys, i just wanted to make sure as the info for the core on the ebay page does say AM3/AM2+/AM2 and i wasnt sure if he was mistaken and whatnot. never hurts to have a second opinion! :D thanks again for the help and fast reply.

    EDIT: plus one of the info pages i found for the core said it was 125w, 95w being the max i can support.

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