Need some help with reinstalling vista

By kimba23
Oct 17, 2009
  1. Hello :eek:

    I have been having a ton of problems with my computer after installing windows updates. I installed a bunch of updates about a week ago and everything was fine until my daughter started playing Spore (a game) and the computer turned off and couldnt restart windows. I followed the onscreen directions to repair it using Startup repair and it then said I need to go back to a recent recovery point. The problem with this is that the day the updates were installed was at least 9-10 days ago and the closest recovery point I could go back to was five days ago.

    We decided (after a week of trying different things we read online to fix the problem with nothing working) that we should reinstall Vista and maybe that would solve the problem. There was nothing on the drive that we can't reinstall anyway..

    So now my problem is this: I started the process of installing windows vista from a new disk we had bought by accident a year ago and got to the point where it asks "where do you want to install windows?" It shows 2 partitions- one says recovery the other doesnt...Where do I go from here? I want to install vista back to where it was when I bought the computer... I am on my sons computer writing this right now and about to cry from frustration...
    Thankyou in advance for ANY help you can give.

  2. LookinAround

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    What's the make/model of the computer?

    I'm guessing you are reinstalling from CD/DVD? Are you seeing the "recovery" partition on your hard drive? As that implies the software to do the reinstall is already on the drive. so give me the make/model computer and then can be more specific (the vendor probably even has online instructions for you if a recovery partition already exists)
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