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By Starr
Feb 22, 2005
  1. To make this story as short as possible I have a Dell 8200 P-4 1.8GHz(given to me)that has RD-Ram(4slotsX64=256)that I want to up-grade to 512. The best I have found so far on price is around $230. I fugure I can up-grade the M/B and goto DDR for that price so I'm looking for suggestion on both M/B and memory. This way I can get away from the RD-Ram bug.
  2. zephead

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    simply put, your dell and most of it's parts are useless for said purposes because they're oem. dells are adequate for most computing, however, and you could probably sell that box for a reasonable amount of money and buy yourself a real machine.
  3. vegasgmc

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    Also older Dells use a different power supply connector so you would have to get a new power supply if you swapped out the motherboard. $200-250 is about the best price for RDRAM. You can get a pretty eMachine for about $400 or get the parts from Newegg and build a system for less than $300.
  4. Starr

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    Thxs, I guess I will give it to my daughter and up-grade my other system.
    It has an old Abit KT7A- Raid M/B.
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