Need Sterio Mix

By zee3b
Jun 12, 2007
  1. Hey!
    I found out my Dell E510 doest'nt have a sterio mix option which lets you record what you hear.
    After i did some research i found a solution to dell notebooks which is replacing the drivers with lg notebooks drivers but... i have a desktop would any one help me out with this?
  2. realtek_user

    realtek_user TS Rookie

    probably at least three software package

    There are probably at least three software package that will let you record "what you hear" or stereomix from Realtek HD audio /index.html

    This last one is a virtual audio cable in the form of a sound driver that is supposed to loop back any audio between any devices/software but is in practice harder to use than the other two . Soundtap also has a Soundtap specific sound driver.

    Unfortunately, almost all other recording software including Audacity, Acoustica, Absolute, MX Skype, Focus, Magic, Mp3myMp3 etc don't currently support this feature on the Realtek HD audio.
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