Need Win 7 logon screen to show last username

By mikepbmike
Feb 18, 2011
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  1. Hey, all!

    I have a new Dell Precision T5500 on which I've installed Windows 7 64-bit OS. Currently, all of the local groups appear on the screen that comes up after pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del.
    What I want to happen during the logon process is to use Ctrl+Alt+Del and have only one account show on the display (not all local accounts), then enter the username/password. I also need (and here's the trick) the name of the last user to appear in the username box.
    I can get everything but the last username to appear. How is this done? And why do I feel like I'm going to have a really big "Duh" moment when I find out how this is done?

    Thanks to you all.

  2. mikepbmike

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    Update: The reason I wasn't getting the last names to display OR I was getting icons for all local accounts was because I had not yet joined the computers to the domain. Like I said earlier - a "Duh" moment. Once on the domain, the problem went away. Oh, well...thanks, anyway!

  3. mailpup

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    Thanks for posting the solution. Sorry no one was able to help you before this.
  4. Archean

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    +1 mail.

    Additionally you can set an 'stand alone' PC to show Ctrl+Alt+Del, and then give choice to type in username/password by tweaking the settings in Local Security Policy / Local Policies / Security Options.

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