Network Adapter HELL! PLEASE HELP!! 911!!

By DavidEiriz
Jun 4, 2005
  1. ok, heres my deal...
    im using windows xp pro. my motherboard has an onboard network adapter.
    when we got wireless dsl i tried installing the drivers for the wireless router on my comp. in my device manager my network adapter and my 1394 net adapter has a yellow circle with a black exclamation point in it. this means that there is a driver problem right? so i tried to update my driver for the network adapter (SiS 900) which is on the cd that came with my motherboard. when i try to update the driver it says "the device was not instaled correctly. "the program is missing the file specified" yet it does not specify a file that is missing.. so i tried uninstalling the network adapter and downloadng a new one from the same error comes up when i try to install that driver. so i uninstalled it again and went out and bought a new network card. and when i try to install that one the SAME error comes up when i try to install the driver. "the device cannot find the file specified" and in the device manager properties for the network adapter says "this device is not configured correctly." my wireless router can be installed via USB and can be used as a dsl modem so i tried to plug it in USB and i still get the same problem. it seems like everything having to do with a network adapter or ethernet has that problem.. im the ONLY person in my house w/o DSL and im the one who needs it the most. someone PLEASE help. im desperate, ive tried everything i can think of and i cant get it to install or work.
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