Networking my parent's house..

By iamaphoenix
Jun 17, 2011
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  1. ok so we got a router last year for when im home for summer, problem is im 80ft from the router and when it gets hot, or w/e the signal is aweful and i cant do anything (takes google like 10s to load)

    i got a cable from monoproce (75ft) so i can move the router to a central locale for all the comps in the house, but the main comp my parents use doesnt have a wireless card in the computer so i was wondering if i could hook an ethernet from their computer to the modem for a connection. or can i only have 1 line into it for the router, bc if i move the router i wont have another long cable to hook their computer into. and yes getting a card is more simple, but i dont wanna buy anything else lol
  2. tipstir

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    I would invest in some wireless access points since your able to run Ethernet cable from the router. Wireless Access Points would give you access to your wifi network anywhere you one in your dwelling.

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