Networking Without Router

By hillingdonlad
Feb 23, 2009
  1. Hi, I have another question... i want to link up 2 laptops wirelessly, but without going through the router, as when im upstairs i get a terrible reception, and as i transfer a lot of files between the two, it would be easier if i could possibly transfer files directly to the other laptop, without the need of the router..

    many thanks

  2. Route44

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  3. hillingdonlad

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    yes i understand about security, but thats not what im asking....
  4. Route44

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    My bad. Sorry.
  5. raybay

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    Yes, you can connect two laptop or desktop computers with one ethernet cable. There is plenty of information on how to do so in the Microsoft Knowledgebase... and in the networking guide in Windows XP.
    Do a Live Search or Gargle Search for "..Connect Two Computers Together" or "Networking 2 Home Computers" or similar.
  6. NetCablesPlus

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    Just make sure that you use a Crossover Ethernet patch cable and not a straight through Ethernet patch cable if you are going to link the two laptops together via Ethernet.
  7. SNGX1275

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    Make an Ad-Hoc wireless network.
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