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By Computergeek564
Aug 24, 2008
  1. I understand that I have made a thread about this before. I have made a new one because it has been a while since my last.

    The bank finally decided to give me my own money.

    I would like to ask is there anything new out that wasn't then, or could be better?

    Here is my lineup:

    Case (already bought) @ £113.39
    PSU @ £72.85
    Mobo @ £139.97
    CPU (that was picked out) @ £198.75
    RAM @ £58.77
    HD 4850 x2 Crossfire @ £217.92
    HDD @ £44
    CD Drive @ £17.74
    Vista x64 @ £64.25
    Water Cooling @ £234.99
    GPU water blocks x2 @ £97.24
    Water cooling nozzles @ £5.51
    Water cooling Crossfire Connection nozzles @ £7.51
    Fan controller @ £32.31
    G15 Keyboard @ £50.29

    The CPU and RAM are being changed, please be aware of that.

    Thanks all,
  2. Rage_3K_Moiz

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    The PSU is not as good quality-wise as the rest of your components. I recommend the Seasonic M12 700W as a superb replacement. Everything else looks excellent.
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