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By Atwooooood
Jan 21, 2009
  1. So the other night i was watching a movie on my computer and i realized i needed to plug in my ipod to charge for the night, so i went to plug in the usb cord without the ipod hooked to the other end, and i went to plug the usb cord in my front panel usb port and all of a sudden my computer reboots and when its loading back up, it stops at my bios and it says "new cpu installed press F1 to setup or F2 to load defaults".

    I was confused by what just happened, so when i booted back into windows i tried restarting a couple of times to see if it did it again and it didnt. So i then did some googling and found some forums with people with similar problems and everyones answer was that their CMOS battery was probably low and to get it replaced but i just built this computer like a month ago so i know its not a bad battery.

    Anyways, this morning before i went to work, i shut down my computer and turned it back on and that message came up again, so i just loaded windows and let it be. After work i shut down my computer and turned it back on 3 times and it didnt happen once. Any idea what could have caused this weird episode?
  2. captaincranky

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    The mysteries you describe are above my pay grade that's for sure. Come to think of it I probably would have taken the F1 path.

    Anyway you say it's back up and running, so that should suppress some of your anxiety.

    I don't know if it's even the right approach, but had this occurred to my machine, I would have booted into BIOS and opted to "load failsafe defaults", and/or reset the CMOS by removing the battery. The BIOS is responsible for detecting exactly which CPU is in there, so if it suddenly remembered, personally I wouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth.
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    your computer might be new but how long did the motherboard set in a warehouse before you bought it that is the question? All batteries are not made equal man just go buy a $4 battery and change them out cant hurt.
  4. CCT

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    You likely 'sparked' your port (electrostatic spark) and, luckily, despite your system getting a terrible shock, your Asus Crash Free Bios managed to handle it.
  5. Atwooooood

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    so i decided to gut my computer just to clean it out, cause my cat generates qutie a bit of dust so my clear case gets pretty nasty looking, and while everything was out, i just reset the CMOS via the jumper and its working fine now. Like i said earlier, this just happened twice, but what worried me was when it caused my computer to restart the first time. All is fine now, thanks for the replies everyone.
  6. Atwooooood

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    well thats a good thing =]
  7. klepto12

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    glad to help man.
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