New fans and mobo compatabilaty??

By 7up
Dec 22, 2004
  1. i recently purchest a New fsp silent solution kit, it comes with a 350w psu
    cpu heatsink and cpu fan and a system fan, both the system fan and cpu fans work beutifully,but, the problem is my mobo dosent seem to see or recognize both the cpu fan and system fan,in my BIOS in the fan speed section, cpu fan is at zero altho it is whiring round at well over2500rpm
    im not to sure what my mobo is i think its a "tiasol", i had to put my old cpu fan back to stop my machine shutting down after 5 secs, because of cpu fan failure. if anyone can help with this problem it would be very much appresiated :confused: :grinthumb
  2. you may need software to make the PSU compatable with the rest of your system or there may be Advanced Power Settings.
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