New Gaming PC

By Dr.Zyklon
Aug 23, 2008
  1. first off i know this probably the 50th thread about this or sorry if its in the wrong section but basicaly my old pc is officially fried and at about 4 years old i think it was about time, so now im out in the market again and looking for a gaming PC, been looking at places like cyberpowerPC and other like it, alienware is overpriced junk and out of the question , also i have a bit know how to build PCs but right now making my own would be more of a hassle than an advantage. so i would greatly appreciate so suggestions on what would give me the biggest bang for my buck, as of now my budget limit is a bit over 800 bucks, up to 1000 if everything goes ok in a few days. thanks in advance.

    PS. i got a monitor already
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