New help ... PC kept crashing after new installation due to BSOD

By joshlan
Jul 15, 2006
  1. hi all,

    i was wondering anyone out there can help me with this ....

    ok i was having BSOD on the "Page fault on no paged area" previously, i did change my graphic card, ram but the problem still existed. so i have decided to reformat and re-install my harddisk to see whether is it a software problem.

    when i re-install my windows, it kept getting a BSOD(couldn't remember what was on it), then i decided to disable the cache(CPU internal cache) and the install went ok but was very slow. so now i have my system back, the BSOD still existed. Frequent self rebooting of the system make me so frustrated.

    so i thought of flashing my BIOS to a newer version but then when i booted up from a floppy disc, i couldn't find any of my harddisk drive. could anyone enlighten me on this issue? and can anyone give me some opinions or tips on the few questions below?

    how do i get to repair this PC?
    will flashing my BIOS help?
    what is the most likely problem of my PC? (some of my colleagues told me is software problem, some said hardware problem, could it be the motherboard?)

    many thanks for reading, hope someone could give me some opinions :)
  2. fastco

    fastco TS Booster Posts: 1,122

    I see that you have tried many things already. Follow the instructions here to post some minidumps so we can attempt to pinpoint the problem. Zip up 4 or 5 minidumps in one zip file and attach them..
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