New HP System, how to add Velociraptor

By proveritas
Feb 4, 2009
  1. I received a New HP m9520F computer still in the box as part payment for a debt owed to me. Just prior to this I had purchased a Western Digital Velociraptor 300GB Hard Drive intending to use it in an older computer system.

    I now would like to install the Velociraptor as the Boot Drive in this new system and use the 750 GB drive that came with the system in my older backup computer.

    I am wondering how to go about this since, I assume, the new HP 9520f system will already have everything installed on the 750GB drive when I turn it on and go through the registration process. There is no separate Windows Vista 64 Bit CD. Everything appears to be already installed on the hard drive with a restore partition reserved.

    How do I get the authorized Windows Vista 64 bit system and drivers for the HP 9520f off of the 750GB drive and onto the new Velociraptor which I want as my only bootable drive in this HP 9520f system?

    If I just copy it, won't Microsoft demand a new activation fee since it will be on the Velociraptor and not the stock 750GB drive that came with the system?

    Can I just use a program such as Acronis Migrate Easy to copy everything to the Velociraptor FIRST without having to go through the registration and activation process on the 750Gb stock drive? After installing the Velociraptor, can I then just boot up the system and run the introduction and activation for the first time?

    Thanks for any help and input.
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