new memorex dual layer

By coloradoriver
Jan 2, 2006
  1. Help, the player will play dvd's but i can't get it to recognize blank dvd's. Tried many different blanks. Windows recognizes the drive, but my computer shows the disk to be full. Any other settings I'm missing in windows. Using Nero, but, that doesn't seem to be the problem.
  2. seanthe

    seanthe TS Rookie

    I have probably the same or similar drive so decided to poke around. If you're looking in My Computer and the icon shows a disc is there you're probably OK. Holding your arrow over the Icon and seeing Free Space and Total Size as 0 bytes is normal because its blank and should still work fine. If by recognize you mean you want Windows to Tell you when you've put a disc in (and give you options as to what to do with it), try right clicking the drive icon(in My Computer),click properties, and click the auto play tab to set that up as you'd like. Interestingly auto play only had the option of blank CD as opposed to blank DVD (but still sees the disc), but don't think that's an issue as Nero asks you to pick one or the other anyway.
  3. coloradoriver

    coloradoriver TS Rookie Topic Starter

    blank dvd

    I wish it was that easy. I cannot write to the drive either. I've tried both Nero, and, Music Match to write a cd, and neither program will write to the drive. I'm going to call Memorex today, and see what I get.
  4. seanthe

    seanthe TS Rookie

    Sorry, didn't realize your drive wasn't writing at all and you might have to send it back. But just in case I'd first check simple things that are sometimes overlooked like do you have the latest driver installed? Jumper set correctly? And long shot here but were you trying to write your cd through Music Match copying a possibly encrypted cd? Try making a simple data disc if you haven't already and if it still won't write at all then sorry but I'm out of suggestions. Good luck.
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