New mobo and cpu

By bobaraba
Feb 17, 2005
  1. i have an intel petium 3 733mhz, 370 socket
    512mb sdram(maxed out)
    newton 200watt psu
    nvidia tnt2 video card

    this is an older pc but works good. i have a newer pc which i'm upgrading that uses pc 3200 ddr ram. has a geforce fx 5200 video card, pentium 4 2.6 processor etc.
    i'm taking the fx5200 out of the pent 4 and putting it in the pent 3. my question is ,what would be a good upgrade mobo for the pentium 3 that i could grow with. i'm pretty deadended now with the sdram. i've got 512mb pc 3200 ddr ram i could use in a new mobo. any suggestions. my kids do all their gaming on the better pc but i want to pep this older one up some. i can't afford to do a whole lot right now.
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    I don't think the video card will work it is a 8x
    not sure .but they did not make a p3 board to support this most are 2x 4x
    if they did that is what you will have to look for
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    The card probly is a x8 or x4 but I don't know my card is that way but your card might not be. :hotbounce

    You said you wanted a new cpu too right. :hotouch:
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    video card fx5200

    # AGP 8X/4X system interface compliant with AGP 3.0 standard desired
    # 128 MB of on-board memory. these are part of specs on the video card from the support web site. should work with my p3 mobo shoulddn't it? mobo is 2x/4x
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