New motherboard and cpu problem

By martinlw
Feb 15, 2009
  1. Hi,Have just had a new motherboard and cpu fitted brought it back from the shop loaded xp from boot,loads files up but after a minute blue screen appears saying stopping windows from loading to protect computer ,tried to load windows normally keeps going back to beginning, i know xp dosent take kindly to new hardware changes but i cannot even get to repair.Have took it back to the shop,any ideas what is going on,oh yes as well the blue screen said something about disabling items in the Bios.Regards Martin.
  2. Tmagic650

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    Any details on the motherboards model or specs would be helpful with this... Try resetting the bios to failsafe defaults, and check the hard drive for any errors
  3. martinlw

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    Hi.The motherboard is a BiostarGF8100 M2+TE,i have now installed Vista and it works fine,but i still intend to go back to Windows XP.The motherboard accepted Vista no problem at all.I looked for the fail safe default in the Bios couldnt find it ,optimal defaults was there on its own.On the blue screen i get when loading XP it mentions about disabling the memory options caching and shadowing,and i cant see them anywhere as well unless they are named differently.Regards Martin.
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