New motherboard and no POST

By PaulPatterson
Jun 24, 2009
  1. Hi all,
    just got a new motherboard and RAM and set it all up with all my old equipment that used to work. Now the computer does nothing :dead:
    All the fans are working and the little front LED is on but the monitor's LED remains on yellow and there's no beep from the motherboard.
    If I accidently bent the pins where the chip sits would this cause a no-post. I'm not saying I have bent one/some/all but it has me concerned.
    The RAM is a single stick of 1GB DDR2 RAM 5300 unbuffered and the motherboard is a dual channel motherboard but I think it takes single sticks.
    The motherboard is an Asrock G31M-S

    Any help appreciated
  2. LinkedKube

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    Any board can take one stick, so that's not the issue, if your ram was the problem you'd hear a beep, not sure how many as the number of beeps is different for different bios companies.

    Seems like the motherboard is getting power, if you bent a pin on your mobo you should get an error msg at least.
  3. PaulPatterson

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    I have since stripped the computer down, leaving just the mobo in the chassis with the chip and associated fans. No hard drives, ROMS, or RAM.
    Without the RAM, the mobo gives 3 short beeps on bootup meaning a failure of the RAM. Upon placing the RAM back into it's slot, nothing as before, just the fans spinning. I've tried both RAM slots and the same nothingness.
    I have looked at the chip and it's motherboard block and everything looks fine, no bent or broken pins that I can see.
    Any other suggestions ?
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