New Power VR Kyro Drivers

By TS | Thomas
May 28, 2003
  1. Power VR have somewhat surprisingly posted several new Drivers for the Kyro/Kyro 2 Graphics cards under Windows Windows 9x/Windows ME, 2000 XP & Linux, Build Not much word on what's new in this release, though seemingly there are a load of game compatibility fixes.

    - PowerVR Series3 (KYRO/KYRO II) Windows (Windows 2000) v 2.0
    - PowerVR Series3 (KYRO/KYRO II) Windows (Windows 9X/ME) v 2.0
    - PowerVR Series3 (KYRO/KYRO II) Windows (Windows XP) v 2.0

    We've still got out Kyro Tweak Guide up here too.
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